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We would like to thank the wonderful 36 contributing writers who truly have honored the town of Hopkinton with their poetry.


Peter LaGoy, Polly Brown, Kate Heyd, Trish Perry, Bill Shander,

Cathleen Dinsmore, Janvi Puri, Holly Paharik, Nevaeh Tamba, Diane Norby,

Hibiscus Rose, Michael Alfano, Cheryl Melody Rosenbloom,

Cherylann Lambert Walsh, Geri Holland, Michele Floria, Dan Cloutier,

Cathy Taylor, Linda Havel, Liam Palacios, Catherine Weber, Barbara Kessler,

John Ritz, Jeffrey Barnes, Cheryl Perreault, Amanda Maffei, Hal Glicklin,

Libby Franck, Vivek Dattar, Meg Tyler, Agnes Pyne Frieh,

Marjorie Touzjian, Louise Ina Hetzler,

Sterling Hager, Denise Antaki and Cynthia Franca.

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