March 30th, 2021

More News Springing Forth for

Hope Through Community:

Words and Images in Response to a Global Pandemic!


Dear Writers & Friends,


In this new season of Spring, we are delighted to share the good news that our collaborative, community-minded book continues to travel out in the world in good ways! 


Just like Spring brings forward new growth on plants and trees, we notice that our book is branching off new exciting ways and directions. We can't resist the metaphor of the new growth of branches on trees in the Spring, given we are both poets and we love the season of Spring! 


One new branch of good news includes discovering that footage of our December Book Launch posted on HCAM-TV Youtube has just hit 500 views (see link:! 😊


Another new branch of exciting news is that our book was just shared on the Page 6 of the Hospice Volunteer Newsletter, which covers hospice volunteer services for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. It is a beautiful quarterly newsletter for Volunteer Service Providers for Home Health Foundation | Merrimack Valley Hospice | York Hospital Hospice. 


This Newsletter was created by Editor/Hospice Services Director Eric Redard and Co-Editor/Hospice Volunteer Services Coordinator Allison Manheim Caplin.


How very exciting to know that our book is now traveling out into the world of health-care and hospice service providers! (Please note the writer of this article misunderstood the number of participants (33) for the book launch to be the number of participants in the anthology (72) and was notified.) 


See the Newsletter on the beautiful color version in the file attached. 


The third branch of news we have to offer is that our book was just recognized as a source of inspiration for a new book written by our friend Bobby Blair (Mayor of Mudville/Holliston).


Bobby acknowledges after receiving a copy of Hope Through Community from Ellen Piontek (one of our contributors...thank you, Ellen!) as a Christmas present. He decided it was time to write the book he has always been meaning to write for sharing photographs and stories of local Holliston veterans. Bobby, by the way, is locally well-known for honoring the memories of fallen veterans whose lives have been lost in military service by posting their names and date of death on handwritten signs along Holliston roads on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. Bobby also is known locally for making the community more beautiful with his annual fields of dahlias that he grows in Holliston and shares and sells to the community. See link/article:


We are so delighted to hear all of this good news about how our collaborative anthology with words and images of hope co-created with all of you continues to have new growth and momentum, and impact in the world beyond in good ways. The second edition of our anthology book is available to purchase online HERE. All the royalties from the online sales will be donated to the three charities Project Just Because, Action Against Hunger and Feeding America.   



We invite you to share any similar stories that you are aware of and are delighted to share the news of how your words of hope are making a difference in the world beyond.


Take care and have good days of Spring.


Cynthia Franca

Cheryl Perreault 


What do you love about Hopkinton, present and






Cheryl Perreault & Cynthia Franca
Coordinators of Hopkinton Anthology Project

WELCOME to the 

1st anthology of poetry

dedicated to Hopkinton


As part of the Hopkinton 300th anniversary celebration, we are inviting you to be part of the 1st anthology of poetry  dedicated to Hopkinton.  


This anthology will consist of poetry written by residents and friends of Hopkinton which celebrates what people love about the town.